True story of a 1912 attempt by the Federal government to replace the Asian pearl divers with divers trained by the British Royal Navy, and its fatal aftermath.

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Everyone knows that Darwin suffered Japanese air raids during world War II. Few are aware that Western Australia experienced raids on many more towns!

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In this montage of memoir, art, silk paintings and photographs Sally Bin Denim remembers her childhood of growing up in Broome during the 1940s and 1950s.

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Five stories that bring Broome’s history to life: Minyirr Park, Sun Pictures, The Courthouse, Chinatown and Streeter’s Jetty.

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The Gugeri family have been landmarks in the Kimberley for nearly a century. This book follows four generations of life in the north.

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Since the 1880’s when Broome developed into a bustling pearling port, Broome’s Chinese community has remained active and culturally strong.

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Kimberley Scenes is a collection of material written by people who were involved in Kimberley exploration, prospecting and pastoral enterprise in the 1880s and 1890s.

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This book calls for a re-imagining of Australia by revisiting the history of its relations with its Indigenous inhabitants and Asian neighbours in remote parts of  Western Australia during pre-Federation times.

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The Ghosts of Roebuck Bay is a captivating tale of refugees and soldiers, of reputations made and lost, of survival and spirit that resonates to today.

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From John Brockman’s 1912 manuscript.: The pearling voyage of the Sarah to the North West and Kimberley in 1889 and 1881.

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A brilliant overview of the great North as it was being opened and developed a century ago. An essential but very rare reference book on the north now reprinted.

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This is a simple history of the granite sea chest memorial in Bedford Park, Broome, to William Dampier who explored the Western Australian coast line 80 years before Captain Cook arrived off the east coast.

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'Pompey' Gull was a master pearler from his youth. His independent life led to the 10th Light Horse and the Imperial Camel Corps in WWI, fighting with such as Lawrence and at Damascus in the Great Ride where he earned the Military Cross for clearing machine gun nests.

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Set in the heart of Yawuru country, Walking Jetty to Jetty: Stories of Broome presents the multi-layered cultural history of Broome and its people during the pearling era.

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Red Sun On The Kangaroo Paw – Japanese Air Raids and Attacks on Western Australia during World War II – The DVD

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An extraordinary but true war-time tale of daring, mystery, luck and in excess of twenty million dollars’ worth of diamonds, and how they were lost, found and lost again.

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The role of Major Mitchell's 3rd Australian Army Corps Guerilla Warfare Group, 101 Field Security, Special Duties groups, Special Independent Guerilla Warfare Company, Volunteer Defence Corps, 11 North West Battalion, and the Derby Garrison in the defence of the Kimberley and the North West.

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The 1942 Japanese attack on Broome had been kept hidden by the Curtin’s wartime government. Tyler gives the first full account of the raid and of the loss of $12 million in diamonds, still unrecovered.

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This book chronicles the cosmopolitan life style that was and is Broome from its beginning to the present day.

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The Hello Girls is a fascinating view of Broome through the eyes of the women who ran the local telephone switchboard exchange.

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The Broome Heritage Trail is an excellent guide to some of Broome’s heritage buildings.

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In the Kimberley region of Western Australia 1894, Jandamarra led a rebellion against invading pastoralists in defence of his people’s ancient land and culture. Until his death in brutal retribution, this formidable Bunuba warrior waged a 3-year guerilla war, earning him both the admiration of his people and international notoriety.

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A history of the pearling industry in the northwest of Western Australia, 1886-1942, this substantial book follows the journey of two generations of master pearlers.

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Fifteen papers by different authors that represent a significant contribution to our knowledge of the Kimberley's early history.

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Raised in north Western Australia on the Beagle Bay mission and at the Holy Child Orphanage in Broome during and after World War II, Lockyer shares the moving story of her childhood and those of many others who were forcibly removed from their families.

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In 1956 Bill Peasley set off overland to WA with his family, a beloved jaguar, and a medical degree. He started practice in Derby and there commenced an affair with the bush which is still going strong.

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The story of the Japanese Air Raid on Broome 3rd March 1942.

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Chapter Extraction from A Pearling Master's Journey, detailing the lives of the wives of the master pearlers.

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Hugh Edwards’ historical and contemporary insights into Broome make a fitting tribute to this resilient Australian town.

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Incidents of pearling life, shipwrecks and murders in the North West of Western Australia, never before told.

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Pencil sketches of Broome's unique architecture with a forward by Mary Durack.

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A-Z Listing of the origins of Broome’s Street Names, most of who were named after Broome’s pioneer pearling families.

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This is the true story of an epic 350 kilometre voyage along the West Kimberley coast made by two intrepid seafarers in their 3.5 metre wooden dinghy in late 1920.

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A personal look at life in the back-blocks of north-west Australia, largely the Kimberleys, and particularly Broome and Derby, this memoir starts with the author’s arrival in the Broome area as a baby and her story is inextricably tied to the story of the development of the post-war Kimberleys.

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Very few Australians today know of the fierce air battles fought across the Top End of Australia in World War II. For more than two years Japanese aircraft crossed the coast and bombed relentlessly.

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From objects of ancient trade to beautiful pearl jewellery, Lustre: Pearling & Australia traces the gritty human story of pearling across the north of Australia.


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